CCNA 200-125 Networking overview

An internetwork consist of two or more networks connected to each other. These networks are joined using cables and devices. Several factor determine the type of factor. In each type of network, the devices are connected in a specific way. For communicating between the networks different models, such as Open System Interconnection (OSI), exist defining the manner in which the communication between networks occurs.

Line Configuration
Communication devices such as computers, modems and printers transfer data to each other with help of a link. A link server as a physical pathway or channel to transfer data between the communication devices. Line configuration is the way in which the devices are attached to the link.

Point-to-Point Configuration
In point-to-point configuration, a dedicated link exists between two devices. A dedicated link implies that the full capacity of the channel is reserved for communication between the connected two devices.

Multipoint Configuration
In Multipoint Configuration, more than two devices share a link. In this configuration, several devices are connected on the same link and hence the capacity of the channel is shared between the devices.

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